Enabling Simulations

Bridging the gap


Since the early days of simulations, the technology has often been viewed upon as exceptionally promising. Over time however, it has proved difficult to get those benefits from simulations that were initially expected.


With the advent of direct CAD and simulation tools any given model can exist at many places at the same time, each carrying different information. Obviously this can be both an advantage and a challenge for the organization. It is certainly different from traditional product development but seldom treated that way, so how to act?


Since the establishment of Bigjump we have been working with several ambitious organizations and interviewed many more to tune a method that maximize the benefits from simulations in product development and in particular improve Time-to-market.


We start with an analysis of the current status of simulations at the client and pair this with a wanted position. Using empirical findings and a hands-on approach we then work together with our clients to help them realize the full potential of simulations.


We address all stages in product development with this in mind: Idea generation, Innovation work, Design, Construction, Testing, Realization and eventually Client interaction.

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