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2nd Workshop on Simulation Integration Management


The 2nd Workshop on Simulation Integration Management will take place at Gothia Towers in Gothenburg, Sweden, on November 5-6 2013. Registration starts at 09.00 on Tuesday 5th, the workshop begins at 10.00 and concludes on November 6 at 15.00.


The workshop is primarily aimed at managers of simulation, test and experimentation teams but also product and method development managers with an interest in increased simulation usage.


This 2nd workshop will focus on communication of the value of simulations and methods to generate supporting data. We will work through well defined case studies in teams, present each teams findings and discuss the outcome in plenary sessions. In addition we will run a session about current and future trends of engineering simulations.


As an introduction to the workshop we will ask all participants to prepare a short (5 min) presentation to share recent experiences and future challenges of your simulation teams, and present this to the audience, both to trigger discussions and generate feedback for everyone.


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